OBS enforces friendly warranty policy to all distributors and wholesalers who sell authentic OBS products. But please understand that our warranty policy applies to those customers (OBS distributors and wholesalers) who purchase from OBS directly. For those who purchase our products from the third party, please consult with your supplier for warranty policy. If you have any questions regarding our products, please email to obs@obsnsmoke.com.

We require all of our business partners and other authorized distributors to offer standard 180 days warranty for all OBS devices, not including atomizers or accessories.

In order to get warranty for OBS products, please choose reputable vendors and consult with them about the warranty policy before you purchase.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: My device is broken, why OBS doesn’t replace for me directly?

A: Please understand our customers are located in different corners worldwide, the shipping cost could be very expensive and sometimes even much more than the device itself, and the shipping may take very long time from China to other countries. It’s almost impossible to replace defective devices directly for end users. So we have to apply warranty policy to our distributors, it’s much more convenient for customers to return or replace their defective devices from local vendors or trustful online vendors. So in case you received a defective product, please contact your direct supplier for support.